The Estate Planning attorneys of the AD&R Law Firm in Reno, NV welcomes you to the premier Estate Planning Information Website. We also serve the residents of Sparks. Our experienced Estate Planning lawyers are dedicated to providing you with accurate and up to date Estate Planning information. Our attorneys are qualified Estate Planning professionals helping clients ensure the financial security of their families. Your family’s financial stability directly depends upon proper Estate Planning. With proper Estate Planning, you can help safeguard your wealth and legacy against any legal situation so that you can pass it on to future generations.

Reno, NV Estate Planning

Estate Planning is a legal way to plan for your family’s future while ensuring that the least amount of taxes will need to be paid. Our Reno, NV Estate Planning attorneys not only provide customized Estate Planning advice but are also experienced in Probate and Trust Administration matters. Solid and appropriate Estate Planning advice from our Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration lawyers can keep your family protected long after you’re gone.

Wills & Probate in Reno, NV

Most people understand the importance of having a Will; however, quite a few never bother to actually prepare their Will. This leaves your heirs completely unprotected. Our Reno, NV Estate Planning attorneys can help you prepare a customized Will ensuring your wishes and the needs of your family are met. Our attorneys can also assist you with the Probate process. Handling a Will through Probate can be a difficult process without the knowledge of a Probate lawyer in Reno, NV. Probate can take up to two years and most family members simply don’t have the time or knowledge to deal with the Probate process. The Probate attorneys at our Reno, NV law firm can get your Will through Probate for your heirs.

Estate Planning and Living Trusts

Living Trusts can help your loved ones save the wealth that you’ve built from high estate taxes. Effective Trust Administration by your Estate Planning attorney in Reno, NV is essential for your heir’s financial health. Our Trust Administration attorneys in Reno, NV will ensure that the documents are drawn up properly as well as see that the Living Trust is appropriately funded and disbursed. An experienced Trust Administration lawyer can help protect your heir’s future and your wealth. Some of Our Other Estate Planning Services in Reno, NV Include:

Legacy Planning

Everyone wants their legacy to go on for generations. Our Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration attorneys in Reno, NV can help to protect your family’s heirlooms and life story.

Family-Owned Businesses & Farms

Your family’s business or farm is an important part of who you are and needs to be legally protected for your family. Our Estate Planning firm understands the importance of preserving your business or farm for future generations.

LGBT Community Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning lawyers understand and are sensitive to the unique needs of the LGBT community. We can provide you with the Estate Planning solutions to ensure the financial stability of your partner.

Estate Planning For Retirement Plans

Planning for your retirement is truly the only smart way to ensure that you can maintain your lifestyle once you stop working. Surviving on Social Security just isn’t an option for most people. Our experienced Reno, NV Estate Planning lawyers can help protect your retirement plans with tax reduction methods. Proper Estate Planning can protect your wealth from excess taxation.

Estate Planning and Your Pets

The Estate Planning attorneys of the AD&R Law Firm is proud to announce that we care about the welfare of your pets. Your beloved pets need to be protected in the event you are no longer there to take care of them. Estate Planning and implementing a Pet’s Trust can ensure that your pets are provided for after your death.

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