Retirement Planning in Nevada

Jan 18, 2015


It is time to start planning your retirement. It is better not to rely on your Social Security retirement benefits to be enough to secure a comfortable retirement. Learn more about retirement planning in Nevada in this presentation.

Gerald M. Dorn, Estate Planning Attorney

Gerald M. Dorn, Estate Planning Attorney

Gerald Dorn is a shareholder and has been a partner at Anderson, Dorn & Rader, Ltd. Since 1998. Mr. Dorn has extensive experience serving wealthy families and business owners in the development of estate, tax and asset protection planning strategies. He made the decision to focus his practice in the area of estate planning after witnessing the personal grief and financial loss suffered by several of his clients as a result of poor planning. These experiences motivated him to dedicate his professional life to assisting his clients to preserve their life’s work for their heirs and to create a lasting legacy for those they love. Mr. Dorn is able to accomplish his mission through the use of a vast number of estate planning tools, both basic and advanced, for all of his clients at Anderson Dorn & Rader, Ltd.
Gerald M. Dorn, Estate Planning Attorney

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