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In 1998, Lauren Gregorek began her career as a legal intern at Brislawn Lofton Gregorek, PLLC. By 2005 she was the firm’s Director of Paralegal Services and Business Manager. Ms. Gregorek continued her career as Supervising Paralegal and Business Manager at her father’s firm when he branched off and formed Gregorek and Associates, PLLC. In 2010 she relocated to Reno and began work as Mr. Dorn’s Paralegal. Her legal experience includes extensive estate planning, trust funding, irrevocable trust planning and gifting, probate and trust administration and business entity formation. In addition to her work, Ms. Gregorek has taught courses on probate through the Institute for Paralegal Education.


Ms. Gregorek completed a formal legal internship through the Thomas Foley Institute at Washington State University where, in 2001, she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science with a pre-law emphasis. Following her graduation from WSU, she was accepted for the postgraduate certificate program in paralegal studies at the University of Washington which she completed in June of 2003.


Ms. Gregorek is a licensed Massage Therapist and very interested in holistic and natural health. She enjoys spending time at home with her fiancé where they embrace the quiet life, raising chickens, barbequing and watching the sun set. Ms. Gregorek often embarks on culinary adventures; compiling her recipes and envisioning the day she will publish a cookbook.

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